Please read below for some Animal Reiki testimonials:

“I would just like to say that the Touch of Amelia Company is amazing. Our 2 ½ year old Cane Corso was suffering from, and has suffered for a long time with fear and anxiety. We had tried several trainers, and various training techniques, but nothing seemed to help her. It was with the help of the Jodie, through Reiki treatments, and training that we finally started to see results, almost instantly. The commitment that Jodie made to us, to the dog, the compassion she showed, the positive thinking, was outstanding. Not only was she patient with the dog, but more importantly, she was patient with us as we learned how to effectively communicate with our dog and help her get on the right path and be successful. We still have work to do, but with the information and tools that Jodie provided to us, I have no doubt we will continue on our road to success. I would highly recommend Touch of Amelia for any issue one might have with their pet! Awesome, just awesome”
~ Deb & Karen

“I would just like to say that the Reiki healing I received from Touch of Amelia  was absolutely outstanding. A short time ago my wonderful near 16 yr old dog suffered a massive heart attack and times looked grim for my dear dog. It was with the help of  Jodie that my dear dog was calm and responded so well to treatment. Even the vet was amazed at his progress. I would highly recommend Reiki Healing to anyone who has never tried it and I would also highly recommend Touch of Amelia. Never have I come across a more passionate and kind person who not only helps animals, but their owners as well”
~ Tiffany

“The day following Jodie’s session with us, for improving manners in meeting other dogs, I took my dog to the leash-free park. It was very busy, as the weather was sunny and dry. We walked (outside) the play area and then stopped to watch some of the action. On previous visits, Suki had been quite intense watching the dogs interact. When any of them had approached her, she had exhibited unwelcome behaviour. On this visit, she calmly sat and watched the dogs running and playing. One approached the fence to greet her and she stayed in her sit with no change in her demeanour! After the dog returned to his playmates, Suki actually lay down, without prompting, so she could relax while watching the show! With Jodie’s calm presence and clear patient direction, I regained the confidence that I needed to be able to give Suki the guidance she needs to be the calm canine companion that I want. Thank you so much Jodie, I highly recommend her services for those in need”
– Nancy H

“I have a one year old, very spirited, Bernese.  As a result of Jodie’s Reiki treatment to a leg injury, she was putting her weight back onto it in no time.  Jodie’s knowledge and assistance in choosing her food and treats with the right nutritional value, and the additions to be made to her food for her long-term health, has been invaluable.  Jodie’s expert training and Reiki treatments, along with the proper leashes and collars, has turned my dog into a very polite and well-mannered pet without loosing her special spirit”
~ Barb