Please read below for some Animal Bowen Physiotherapy testimonials:

“Dear Jodie:  My husband Doug and I saw Justin last Sunday, May 3, and noticed that he was not doing well.  It appeared as though he was in the throws of Laminitis, a very painful condition, which from what I understand, he has had for some time (I did not recognize this when we took him in in 2012).
Justin was having trouble with getting up off the ground and he was laying around way too much.  We called for a Vet and I was advised to get an equine specialist for him, and this Specialist was on vacation for a week!  That’s when I bumped into you, Jodie. Thank goodness (I believe we got the Specialist in You!).  I remember how Justin was  so very sore in all four feet and depressed looking,  plus he could hardly walk.  He was disconnected and I was very concerned about him.  He was not responding or interacting with us at all.  You mentioned when a condition is going to respond to Bowen… I would notice right away… And I did!  By the following Friday (May 15 after the May 13th session),  just two days from your treatment, Doug and I went up to see him after our work; he is responding and interacting with us!  He was not laying down and even followed me out of his shelter to the hay bin and also drank some water.  He was eating his hay and his eyes where no longer distant; they were expressive and he kept his friend Max at bay again from me as he usually does (when Max pushes into my space).  This is a huge difference, in just two days after the Bowen therapy!  The only variable was Bowen; there was no other healing practice.  He is still quite sore, yet noticeably better.  Now, I am so hopeful for Justin having a remission, so please continue these drugless and very effective, powerful sessions with my horse.  Sadly, we where thinking it was time to put him down and release him from his pain!
So yes I would definitely like to continue these sessions for as long as it takes to bring  Justin back to his balance to nature.  Thank you so Very Much for your Bowen therapy because it truly works! 
Sheilagh and Doug Mercer and Justin xxoo”

“On March 14th, our dog, a 52 pound Puggle (Pug and Beagle mix), Madden got up in the morning and we knew something was wrong. His head was down, he was panting like crazy, his back was severely curved, and he was hardly moving. We immediately took him to the vet’s where they said he had injured his neck and sent us home with 3 different types of pain killers. Two days later, Madden was worse. When he tried to walk, he fell, when he tried to drink water, he couldn’t move his head that low, and he couldn’t lift his head high enough to make eye contact with us. We took him back to the vet where a different doctor said he believed Madden had a disc bulge that was pressing on his spinal cord and causing partial paralysis. He said the only way to confirm was to see a specialist that would cost $90 for the referral, $280 for the consultation, $1800 for the MRI, and possibly a $4500-7000 surgery if confirmed.  We were devastated. For three days, I spent my days laying on the floor with Madden and crying, not knowing what to do. When I went into work, a co worker told me about a guest speaker at a luncheon she attended that practiced Animal Bowen Therapy. I was skeptical at first, but decided to look up information about Bowen for animals and “Touch of Amelia”. I was shocked to see that Jodie (owner and operator of Touch of Amelia) made house calls to visit the animals. I immediately sent an email explaining Madden’s situation and received an email back within minutes. Jodie came out to see Madden two days later. She met with Madden and I and assessed his situation. Madden immediately took to Jodie, and seemed to be practically begging her to touch him. After the initial treatment, Madden was very tired. Two days later, he was walking with very little trouble a few times a day.

After each treatment, Madden showed significant improvement in different areas. After our fourth treatment, we decided to give Madden a two week break, to see how things progressed. When Jodie came to see Madden for his fifth visit, I was able to inform Jodie that my old Madden had almost completely  returned. I could walk him for up to 40 minutes without him slowing down or appearing like he “over did it”, he could eat and drink well, move his head up and down, and no longer required us to lift him up and down stairs, or in and out of our vehicle.

Each time Jodie came to visit, Madden couldn’t wait for her to touch him and work her magic. He was always calm, and seemed sleepy during her visits, which is completely out of character for my dog.  He responded so well to Jodie and to her touch.

After the second treatment, I knew Madden would get better, and I cancelled our appointment with the specialist and weened Madden off the pain killers. If it wasn’t for Jodie and Touch of Amelia, I may be out of pocket $8000 or mourning the loss of my fur baby.

I have recommended her services to anyone who will listen to my story. I am extremely grateful to Jodie for the relief, and healing she has brought not only to our Madden, but to our whole family as well.”

~ Amy Watson- April 22 2015


“I have found that Jodie of Touch of Amelia is very intuitive and caring with dogs. She has given Bowen therapy to my 13 year old Golden Retriever since August 2014. My dog was very ill following an intestinal infection. She had little energy and her joints seemed to have seized up. Now, six months later, after the initial series of therapies and occasional “tuneups”, my dog is happy with life. She is very cooperative when Jodie comes to the house, likes the Bowen Therapy, which while gentle is very effective.” 

~ Mary Enid


“My dog, Tazz, is a 12-year-old Bull Terrier who was diagnosed with end stage CHF 3 years ago. At the time he was give 4-6 months to live. He has done remarkably well, but over the past couple of months, we’ve noticed him becoming more anxious and restless. Jodie suggested Bowen physiotherapy to help balance him and the transformation after only two sessions has been amazing.

Before Bowen, Tazz would be unsettled until I arrived home and he was even starting to get restless when I was home. He is calmer and relaxed, whether I am home or not. When I arrive home, he is excited to see me, but he doesn’t deal with the anxiety that he used to. Another change that we’ve noticed is his decreased bathroom breaks. Tazz’s medication makes him drink and urinate a lot. He was waking me up 2-3 times per night and it was affecting the quality of our sleep. The night after Bowen, Tazz slept through the night and had to be forced awake after 9-10 hours of deep sleep. He is now only waking up once per night and he goes straight back to bed.
Overall, Touch of Amelia’s Bowen physiotherapy has helped to improve the quality of life for my beautiful boy. He loves the attention he receives and his transformation speaks volumes towards the benefits of this alternative treatment.” 
~Lauren Egier: Domestic Carnivore



“I met Jodie just after my dog had been diagnosed with a Canine Compulsive Disorder for obsessive paw licking, and was looking at a long road of medications as the solution.  Jodie and I started talking and she told me that she thought she could help Bazlo through Bowen Therapy.  I was very intrigued with the idea of being able to treat Bazlo without resorting to a life of medications for him.

I started taking Bazlo to see Jodie and could very quickly start to see an improvement in him; not only was he not going after his paws as often, but we started to wean him off his medication as well.

Jodie not only treated Bazlo for his Canine Compulsive Disorder but also identified the root cause of his problem and provided me with ways of dealing with it.  This was a huge relief to me as I thought we were going to have limit Bazlo’s walks as they seemed to trigger the obsessive licking.

One thing I really like about Jodie was her ease with Bazlo and how his health and well-being were her first priority.  I also really enjoyed chatting with Jodie during the sessions as it was very apparent how knowledgeable she was and she took the time to explain things to me and answer any questions I had.

I would definitely recommend Jodie and Touch of Amelia to anyone looking for a more natural way of dealing with an issue instead of relying on medications.”

~ Casey


“Our 6 year old greyhound, Joy, was showing signs of arthritic stiffness and pain in her hips when we started working with Jodie.  Apparently, her former career as a racer had stressed her joints and muscles, eventually making it painful for her to get up and down, squat, and run.  Imagine our delight and pleasure when Joy showed improvement after her first Bowen treatment!  She was happy, active, and energized in ways we had never seen her before!  As the treatments continued, she showed signs of easier movement, less pain and stiffness, and improved energy.  She even started spinning when she was outside, so happy to be able to move with ease and more comfort!  Joy is timid with strangers, and Jodie has shown great patience and skill in working with her.  We are delighted with the results of Jodie’s work with our dog, and recommend her highly, whenever we have the chance.”
 ~ Carl and Victoria Ingram

“I contacted Jodie to help my dog Rolo who was going through an immune system crisis. She helped him so much with Bowen therapy I couldn’t be more grateful. Jodie was very helpful and answered all of my questions. She was also very gentle and mindful of Rolo’s condition. He completely slept through the first two sessions! It was amazing to see the difference after just a few sessions, he was feeling better and getting back to his old self. Jodie’s presence was very calming and relaxing and you could tell that Rolo felt at ease with her. I would highly recommend Jodie to anyone looking to help heal their dog.”

~ Jessica


Chamy: The first time I had Jodie come in to treat one of my animals it was with Reiki. I had spent thousands (and I do mean thousands!) of dollars trying to make my dog healthy. She was having horrible GI attacks, vomiting, bloated belly and [was] clearly uncomfortable. I had never heard of Reiki for animals, but thought at this point I was willing to try anything. And thank goodness I did! We saw results after the very first Reiki session! My dog’s attacks still do happen unfortunately, but they are very, very infrequent and the severity of the attacks are very mild. Jodie is definitely the most important resource in my animal health medicine cabinet! Both my dog and cat love Jodie and she shows a true love of animals and is dedicated to their well-being.

Rowan: When my cat Rowan decided she would suddenly stop having bowel movements, I immediately called Jodie for help. Jodie came in and began Bowen treatments.  Jodie began doing the assessment on my cat while simultaneously reassuring her that she would be fine and calming her. Jodie found a spot along her spine that was clearly irritated and was linked directly to the colon and bowel area. Rowan was very willing to receive the Bowen treatments and responded well to both the treatments and Jodie, you know how cats can be! My cat is now at a point where she skips a day pooping here and there, but for the most part is having regular BMs. I truly cannot imagine having animal companions without Jodie in our circle!”

~ Connie