What happens during an Animal Bowen Therapy session?

Together we will fill in a Canine Patient Information form. This informs myself of your contact details, any pre-existing medical conditions and medication. This is a good opportunity for you to ask any questions or tell me of anything else you may think to be of relevance. (This also gives your dog the opportunity to settle into the enviroment.) You may be asked to take your dog for a short walk to begin the Visual Mobility Assessment. If your dog is unable to take this short walk, the Visual Mobility Assessment will be done by naturally observing their movement throughout the session. Video and pictures may be taken. A gentle hands on assessment will take place before the Animal Bowen Therapy session begins. The session generally takes around 45 minutes. The dogs welfare is paramount at all times.

What does Animal Bowen Therapy entail?

A session consists of small moves performed over key points of the body. You will see a rolling action of the Practitioners fingers over soft tissue, muscle, tendons, ligaments and fascia. It is a very gentle process, yet incredibly powerful. Short breaks will be given throughout the session. The dog will also decide when to put a break in, allowing them time to process the changes within their body before returning for more.

Do I stay with my dog?

Always. This not only provides comfort for your dog, but allows you to be a part of the process.

Will my dog be on a table or have their joints manipulated?

No, never. Each Animal Bowen Therapy session is completed on the floor. The Practitioner never manipulates the animals body nor asks the dog to stand/sit/lay if they are not comfortable doing so.

How many sessions will it take?

Animal Bowen Therapy works best with 3 sessions 1 week a part with a 4th session two weeks later. The Practitioner will re-access your dog at each visit, discuss your observations and create a next step plan on the 4th visit. The goal of Animal Bowen Therapy is to bring your dog back to a healthy state of mobility, vitality and health and then create a maintenance plan for future visits to keep your dog in peak condition.

Will Animal Bowen Therapy diagnose my dogs mobility/ health condition?

No. Medical diagnoses are always given by your dogs veterinarian. Animal Bowen Therapy Practitioners work with your dogs veterinarian care to create a full circle health regime.