Animal Bowen Therapy

* We always advise to involve your veterinarian on any treatment you add for your pet. This includes natural and holistic treatments and remedies *

This is a non- invasive, highly relaxing and low stress therapy.  It can be used on animals of any size, in any situation, and compliments any pre-existing treatment.  Animal Bowen treatment works with the body systems to reestablish brain-body connections.  An increase in energy & ease of movement from issues such as challenges with mobility, digestive issues, hip dysplasia, arthritis, joint stiffness, injury, relief of allergies, posture misalignment, etc.

  • $60.00 per session (approximately 45 minutes)

A full treatment is considered 3 sessions; one week apart, with a 4th follow up session 2 weeks after.

Animals are quick to find balance and in most cases this is more than sufficient.  On occasion, in cases of long standing issues, a personalized maintenance program can be established to maintain balance.

***In-home sessions may be subject to an additional travel fee, depending on location)***

***Prices are subject to change***